Bruce Schneier on Digital Spying

Magnifying Glass

Congress may revive a bill prohibiting U.S. tech companies from working with governments that digitally spy on their citizens. Bruce Schneier responds:

“Of course, the bill won’t go anywhere, but shouldn’t someone inform those members of Congress about what’s beengoing on in the United States for the past eight years?”

Bruce Schneier


Photo credit: “Incertain Regard” by Selj / Seluk Balamir on Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.

Google — Domestic spying

Google released a new version of its toolbar for Internet Explorer. Those with Google accounts will be able to manage bookmarks through the toolbar and access them on any computer.

After installing the toolbar and being dumped on Google’s search site, I noticed the Personalized Home link at the upper right of the page. Cool, I can set it up to show my local weather. Next was the Search History link. Google knows how often I’ve used their site, and exactly what I’ve searched for. I’d be surprised if they didn’t know which of their search results I clicked on.

Talk about domestic spying! Okay, so it’s not the federal government doing the spying. But do you have any confidence that Google wouldn’t turn the information over to the government?