This Stop May Be Recorded For Customer Assurance

Chicago’s new police cars will have video cameras and sensitive microphones to record vehicle stops. I say, about time!

Of course, the ACLU’s up in arms about the alleged privacy infringement. But what privacy invasion are we talking about here? What’s more invasive? The officer standing by the car peering into the back of the car or the camera in the police car parked behind? 

I say this is a win. The recordings will provide objective data on supposed acts of police brutality. They will expose what is termed by the defense bar as "testilying." That’s good for honest citizens and honest cops both.

And having represented those charged with driving under the influence, I welcome the cameras. They’ll add some fun to trials. What’s more humorous, the defendant performing field sobriety tests or the officer trying to demonstrate them? Some times, it’s hard to tell who’s having more difficulties.

Congratulations, Chicago! Now let’s not have any "unexplained technical difficulties" during selected stops, okay?