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  • A View From 3E

    A View From 3E

    After a month or so of not traveling, it’s back on the “road” again. Thanks to my trip to Taipei last year, I get the shorter TSA lines and can sit near the front of the plane. I’m not sure I like the front any better than the far back. Either gets you off the plane fairly quickly.

    I had a window seat, but the weather was bleak most of the way. Rather than taking a bunch of pictures, I read a book.

  • Yet Another View From 19E

    Yet Another View From 19E

    It’s nice to have a new pocket camera for taking snapshots out of the plane window. It was cloudy most of the way so I didn’t see Mt. Thielsen, Diamond Peak, or Crater Lake. I snapped this shortly after takeoff from PDX.

    As I walked in the gentle mist in Folsom, I heard someone say, “This is Portland weather.” It made me feel right at home. :-)

  • Another View From 17E

    Another View From 17E

    This week I traveled to Folsom and back. I sat in seat 17E both ways.

    Heading south, I took some pictures. Heading north, it was too dark so I talked to the Kiwi next sitting to me. Unfortunately, the engine noise was too loud for reasonable conversation so I retreated back to my book.

    I discovered I need another camera. The last P&S quit not long ago because it got junk somewhere inside its lens.  I replaced it with a similar P&S we had sitting around. It takes good pictures — some of the time. Other times, it doesn’t focus, even when set in landscape mode. There’s no warning and it’s impossible to tell from its little screen. Melissa told me it was dropped on its lens and came apart. So I’m back to shopping for a camera.

    My needs are simple:

    • Small enough to fit in my shirt pocket
    • Able to focus on infinity (landscape mode)
    • Cheap

    Any recommendations?

  • SMF Terminal B

    SMF Terminal B

    While waiting for my flight last night (boy, did I ever get to wait…), I played with my P&S.

  • Headed Home in 16A

    Headed Home in 16A

    I sit in Sacramento airport’s Terminal B, surveying the fields to the north.

    It’s quiet here now. The flights to Seattle and LA have pushed back, emptying the terminal of their travelers. The ventilation fans are taking a rest. A lady nearby chats on her mobile.

    A kid in a baggy knit hat pulls his guitar out of a case adorned with a God sticker. He tunes his guitar briefly, then strums a few chords. I take my empty Frappuccino cup to the trash as an excuse to move closer to the guitar — and farther from the cell phone. He begins singing. I try to make out the words, but he sings softly.

    A TSA announcement drones over the PA. No one pays any heed and the kid starts another song, a little louder now, then quits to listen to a gate change announcement. The kid puts his guitar away and walks back to the center of the terminal.

    My plane has landed and passengers emerge.

    It’s nice to be headed home.

  • The View From 16E

    The View From 16E

    Oregon was covered in clouds for today’s flight from Portland to Sacramento. I happened to glance out the window and catch Crater Lake through a small gap in the clouds as we flew by. California had a brown haze on the horizon, making only high-angle shots reasonable.

  • A View From 17A

    A View From 17A

    I reserved a window seat on the left side to get a different view on my morning flight from Portland to Sacramento. Then I forgot to wear my black coat.

    Oops! I got lots of glare and reflections.

  • 17A Awaits

    Looking forward to the view from 17A. I typically fly on the right side of the plane. This will give me a different view. :-)

  • The View from 10B

    The View from 10B

    I didn’t get a window seat flying from Sacramento to Portland this evening,1In fact, only two people got on the plane after I did on a packed-to-the-wings 737. but as the sun was setting, I had to pull out my camera.2Actually, Suzi’s camera, but I was borrowing it to see how I like it. The spring breaking3Must be nice… :-) college student sitting next to me lowered her book and leaned back so I had a clear view out the window.4Though not until looking out the window and exclaiming, “Oh, beautiful!” Absolutely.

    Nice! :-)

    • 1
      In fact, only two people got on the plane after I did on a packed-to-the-wings 737.
    • 2
      Actually, Suzi’s camera, but I was borrowing it to see how I like it.
    • 3
      Must be nice… :-)
    • 4
      Though not until looking out the window and exclaiming, “Oh, beautiful!” Absolutely.
  • A View From 17E

    A View From 17E

    I’m looking forward to when 7:30 pm is still light out.



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