Dad skateboards with toddler

Last week during his sermon, our pastor reminded everyone that his son’s first birthday was quickly approaching1As is his. and he wondered what the perfect present would be. So I showed him this video of a dad teaching his toddler how to skateboard.2And suggested that he pair the gift of a skateboard with some protective gear, including a helmet. When he said he didn’t know how, I reminded him that less than a year ago, neither did I.

Skateboards are the new comb-over for men chasing their youth

According to the NY Post, skateboards are the new comb-over for men chasing their youth.1I object to the headline’s use of “comb-over.” It makes skateboards sound uncool. What’s strange is the article presents it as quite the opposite. Hmm. Maybe this is a case of a wannabe headline author dissing the point of the article. Also, these whippersnappers appear to be a little young to be having their midlife crises, but regardless, I approve of their mode of transportation. :-) Hahaha! Who knew this was even a thing?! :-D

Photo credit: Skateboard Close Up by Tim Murphy. Used under Creative Commons license.