Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on Understanding

“There is a difference between righteousness and self-righteousness. The righteous are humble, the self-righteous are proud. The righteous understand doubt, the self-righteous only certainty. The righteous see the good in people, the self-righteous only the bad. The righteous leave you feeling enlarged, the self-righteous make you feel small. It is easy enough to befriend the former and avoid the latter.

“We need moderates, that is, people who understand that there can be a clash of right and right, not just right and wrong. We need people capable of understanding cognitive pluralism, that is, that there is more than one way of looking at the world. We need people who can listen to views not their own without feeling threatened. We need people with humility.

“That is why I ask for your understanding.”

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Accidental Science

This week the Logan household has been performing science experiments. For example:

  • Two, full, dozen-egg expanded polystyrene cartons falling from a kitchen counter can break ten eggs, only three which can’t be recovered.
  • Dropping a glass from the bottom shelf of a kitchen cupboard onto a plate on the counter can break both glass and plate.

What about you? Performed any “science experiments” lately?

The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online

Charles Darwin has had a large impact of man’s understanding of his place in the universe. Some use Darwin’s theories to reject God, some reject his theories to maintain their belief in God, and others walk the tightrope in between — believing in “limited evolution” yet believing in God. Regardless of where you fit, Darwin has changed your world. Now you can read his works online.

The site offers a split screen view, with the text on the left for ease of reading and searching with the book and a scan of the book’s page on the right. An advanced site-wide search is also available.

I used the site just this morning to check the context of a quote from On the Origin of Species I heard last weekend at church.