Trip to SF

Another trip, this time to San Francisco for the Intel Developer Forum.

A quick flight from PDX to SFO,1Another time in seat 4E, but the weather was way hazy, too hazy for any pictures other than an engine shot. a ride on the air tram,2Airports are interesting places. SFO is nice in that it’s easy to find your way around. Much better than the time I went through SEA. another ride on BART,3Thanks to helpful people in high-vis vests, I got my ticket and on the train … no problem. and then a short walk to the hotel.4Two blocks. Towing a duffel. Then I picked it up. A picture from the window and time to post.

This should be a fun week. :-)

Cat Ballou on San Francisco Bay

This last Thursday, Cat Ballou hosted my work team on the San Francisco Bay for a team builder. We sailed from Sausalito, where Cat Ballou is based, out toward the Golden Gate. We sailed by Pier 39 and enjoyed the view of the city. As one of the “crew” said, San Francisco is best seen from the bay.

As we approached the Bay Bridge, we noticed a fire on Yerba Buena Island. We called 9-1-1 and heard the emergency vehicles going over the bridge as we went under it. We rounded the island and went under the new eastern spans being built just north of the existing double-decker span. Continuing north, we passed east of Angel Island and headed back to the dock.

A great time was had by all!