New home routine is routine

The sheltering-at-home routine has become, well, routine. Instead of starting my day at Starbucks, I have video conferences with my coffee buddies. On weekdays, I start my day by teleconferencing with another Brent. On weekends, I teleconference with a couple other buddies. Hot drinks in hand, we spend more time talking than we used to on the Starbucks couch. This morning, the others each had a daughter join as we were ending. One dad had done a nice job of cutting and shaving his daughter’s hair–brave man! The girls got to meet and the dads got to be proud. Nice!

Today was supposed to be my high-school reunion, but it was canceled due to the coronavirus. Last night on Facebook, a classmate posted a picture from our reunion ten years ago and said we’ll see each other in another ten. Others lamented not having a reunion, saying they had planned on attending. I offered to set up a teleconference and did, but no one joined. Today, a few more comments, but again no one responded to offers of a meeting. Facebook, thanks for making me feel like I’m back in high school.

Heart with a face mask

In the afternoon, I played on my blog. I added a facemask to my favicon and went back to using the WordPress Twenty Sixteen theme to which I’ve added the Nanum Pen Script font. I’d recently changed to the Twenty Twenty theme but it doesn’t feel “right” to me. This does. :-)

Gilligan continues to improve after her surgery, enjoying her water therapy. What a lucky doggie — I’m not sure there’s much she likes more than water. She has a daily routine, too, with three short walks, multiple trips outside on the leash, naps on the couch, and tons of love.

Wherever you are, I hope you’re feeling the love, too. How has your routine changed or become routine?

Logan family reunion, 2016

Continuing my trend, I took a bunch of pictures at the biennial Logan family reunion, but none include anyone recognizable.1I’m sure one unnamed person appreciates this? ;-) ;-)

We had a great time, talking, getting caught up, cooking and eating, meeting, and playing games. Some of us held snakes.2Not in a Mark 16:18 sense, but because boas and pythons are cool. Many of us spent virtually no time online as there was no cell service and wifi only in the lodge.3Which is not the building we spent our time, and when we did, service was slow and Pok?mon Go unresponsive.

We were blessed with snow Saturday afternoon and then Saturday night, maybe six inches total. Certainly enough to make it tough to get outta town without help from the plow, and perfect for taking pictures.

With the help of Google Photos, I made a couple of animations.

I hope you also had a blessed Thanksgiving season.

Thanksgiving Pi-ku

meet each other,

reunion time.

talk, eat, and play,


Heading home
looking forward.

is coming soon.

my heart grateful!

--Brent Logan (2014)