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  • The internet pledge

    Some years back, I made some social media New Year’s resolutions. I still think it’s a good list. Alexandra Franzen drafted an internet pledge with some useful additions over my resolutions. Will you join me in taking this pledge? THE INTERNET PLEDGE Both offline and online, I will treat people as if they’re my daughter, […]

  • No New Year’s Resolutions 2014

    I have no word for 2014, no big goals, no 365-day projects, not even a one-month theme. Still, this list of social media resolutions from the end of 2009 seems appropriate to review and renew.

  • My 3 Words for 2012

    I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. But I like Chris Brogan’s idea of defining the coming year in three words. So, my three words for 2011 are: Family. My highest priority. Focus. Determine what’s most important and do it. Learn. So much to learn. What three words will define 2012 for you? Hat tip: Aaron […]

  • My Social Media New Year’s Resolutions

    With a new year nearly here, it’s time to resolve to behave better on Twitter, Facebook, my blog, and whatever other social media gets invented this coming year. Ask, don’t tell. I’ll try to remember that I don’t know everything and act accordingly. I might even learn something. Leave more comments. Bloggers put a lot […]

  • First Day of School

    Taking pictures on the first day of school is a tradition too good to break. Apparently, rain on the first day of school is, too. Even though I’m not in school, this feels more like New Year’s Day than January 1. The change in routine makes everything seem new. It’s a good time to change, […]