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  • Misguided Opinion or Brilliant Parody?

    Obama is funding al quaida they are in the employ of the CIA benghazi was preplanned murderr in the first Obama is going to be in for atleast 3 more terms and will be another charismatic Hitler whom people will virtually worship as god all before he is wiped from the book of life and […]

  • TSA’s Prohibited Item(s)

    Imagine you have the following items in your possession. Which one(s) do you think the SMF TSA will not allow in your carry-on bag? Unfortunately, you won’t be able to rely on TSA’s list of Prohibited Items list to get this right. Update: Let me give the answer. The TSA allows all of the items […]

  • Boycott This! sells used to sell (see update below) an e-book that advocates for “safer pedophilia.” Disgusting! You’re likely being encouraged by your Facebook friends to boycott until they remove it. Here’s something to think about: has more than one disgusting book. Which one(s) are you going to boycott over? Choose anything you […]

  • Turn Out The Lights, The Party’s Over…

    Americans are too lazy to change the channel. Although 71% of Americans believe they already can find “just about any political view” on the dial, 47% want the government to control political opinion on radio and TV. If you want a different opinion, change the frickin channel! Government-Mandated Balanced Opinion: Americans know changing the channel […]