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  • Misguided Opinion or Brilliant Parody?

    Obama is funding al quaida they are in the employ of the CIA benghazi was preplanned murderr in the first Obama is going to be in for atleast 3 more terms and will be another charismatic Hitler whom people will virtually worship as god all before he is wiped from the book of life and fed flames for he is worthy he is full throttle gay ,communist Muslim and devil possessed that’s why he is so greatly admired ‘ no greater deception can come upon human minds……..’

    During election season we get to see the political opinions of our friends and our friends’ friends on Facebook. The quote above falls into the latter class.

    I chose this rant because I can’t tell whether it’s terribly misguided or a brilliant parody.

    And that’s sad…

    Update. Upon further investigation, I’ve determined that it’s terribly misguided opinion. And that’s even sadder.

    Yeah, I should have put [sic] all the way through the quote. Just realize that I just cut and pasted it from Facebook. All spellings, capitalizations, spacings, and punctuations are as originally posted (other than I changed the internal quote marks from double quotes to single to fit within the context).

  • TSA’s Prohibited Item(s)

    Imagine you have the following items in your possession. Which one(s) do you think the SMF TSA will not allow in your carry-on bag?

    Unfortunately, you won’t be able to rely on TSA’s list of Prohibited Items list1Or common sense… to get this right.2Nor will you be able to see it on their official complete list of prohibited items, not even just the item(s). Their suggestion? Call the airport and ask if something is prohibited. Go ahead. List everything in your bag, because you won’t be able to guess.

    Update: Let me give the answer. The TSA allows all of the items shown above in carry-on baggage except one: the screwdriver with bits.

    End of rant. :-/

    • 1
      Or common sense…
    • 2
      Nor will you be able to see it on their official complete list of prohibited items, not even just the item(s). Their suggestion? Call the airport and ask if something is prohibited. Go ahead. List everything in your bag, because you won’t be able to guess.
  • Boycott This!

    Amazon.com sells used to sell (see update below) an e-book that advocates for “safer pedophilia.” Disgusting! You’re likely being encouraged by your Facebook friends to boycott Amazon.com until they remove it.

    Here’s something to think about:

    • Amazon.com has more than one disgusting book. Which one(s) are you going to boycott Amazon.com over? Choose anything you hold dear: a religious belief or scientific fact, a relationship, or a view that something is reprehensible. Amazon.com sells a book (probably, many books) that denigrates your belief and belittles you for holding it, denies the scientific fact and offers an inane alternative, maligns your relationship, or cookbooks that reprehensible thing. Are you going to continue to boycott Amazon.com until all of those books (and ones still being written) are no longer available?
    • Amazon.com is not the only purveyor of the disgusting. eBay sells it to the highest bidder. Craigslist advertises it secondhand. Your computer and gaming console lets you experience it firsthand. Your TV broadcasts it as entertainment. The local theater shows it in graphical detail. And the Internet has a porn version of it.1Rule 34: If it exists, there is porn of it. Will you boycott eBay and Craigslist, sell your computer, gaming console, and TV, picket the theater, and cancel your Internet service?

    I can imagine the response, “But we have to do something about pedophilia.” You’re absolutely right.

    • We can work to provide safe environments for our kids at school, at church, and in the neighborhood. From background checks for volunteers to classroom architecture, there are things we can do to improve their safety. Find some time to volunteer at your kid’s school or church. Meet your neighbors. Don’t think it can’t happen to your kids because ______ (fill in the blank with your excuse).
    • We can learn how pedophiles operate and learn to recognize their grooming behavior. Our ignorance makes it easier for them to operate.
    • We can advocate for laws and their enforcement that provide for consequences and treatment for pedophiles.
    • We can have the courage not to look the other way when a situation doesn’t look right.
    • We can be willing to speak up!

    Instead of making a statement we can make a difference.

    What do you think? Sound off in the comments.

    Update. After only one day of pressure, Amazon.com relented and pulled the e-book. Don’t be fooled. The real threat is still out there.

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      Rule 34: If it exists, there is porn of it.
  • Turn Out The Lights, The Party’s Over…

    Americans are too lazy to change the channel.

    Although 71% of Americans believe they already can find “just about any political view” on the dial, 47% want the government to control political opinion on radio and TV.

    If you want a different opinion, change the frickin channel!

    Government-Mandated Balanced Opinion:
    Americans know changing the channel wastes energy. Requiring media outlets to offer a government-approved mix of commentary will conserve energy, lower the oceans, and save the polar bear. Ignorance Is Strength!



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