Biking in the Rain

I’ve biked home in the rain before but it’s been more of an accident than intentional. I’d ride and then it would start raining.

Not today. I checked the weather forecast in the morning; it would rain all day. According to our trusty weather rock, rain was falling right now.

Suzi told me last night she needed the car today. And though she was willing to drive me to work, drop me off, and then come get me after work, that just didn’t make sense. After all, I had asked for bike rain gear for Christmas — and got it.1Thanks, “Santa” Suzi! Today was the perfect opportunity to use it.

I put on my new rain suit, my gloves, my clear safety glasses, and my helmet. I put the rain cover on my pannier. I turned on my blinky lights.

Then I pushed out into the falling rain.

The cool raindrops splashed my face. They patted my rain suit. My tires fizzed on the wet pavement.

Ha! This is fun. I wonder if it can rain tomorrow, too. :-)

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    Thanks, “Santa” Suzi!