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Tag: power lines

  • Offset Wires

    Offset Wires

    A few hundred feet from here. Am I the only one bothered by the two unused brackets at the top right of the pole?

  • 230 kV

    230 kV

    Yesterday during lunch, I stopped at the BPA Keeler Substation to take some pictures of the transmission line tower on its front lawn. I used my cell phone’s camera because that’s all I had with me. Surprise — Transmission towers are huge! I couldn’t get enough of the tower in view. I returned today with…

  • High Voltage

    High Voltage

    I like taking pictures of infrastructure. This pole is a hundred meters or so from the power pole I shot a while back.

  • Tension


    No, it’s not Haystack Rock, or trees, or a sunrise. It’s a power pole. And I like it.

  • Like a Bird on a Wire

    Thanks to Rob for e-mailing the link to this video. It brings back memories of energy conversion lab, working with high voltages keeping one hand in my pocket. Though those voltages were nothing like the voltages in this video. By the way, have you ever pondered YouTube’s business model? Certainly, storing and streaming video can’t…