Finding Portland: A Love Letter

Some may wonder why I love Portland so much. Finding Portland by Uncage the Soul Productions displays just some of the beauty that is Portland and its surrounding areas and is a good answer to those asking.

Come and visit. Stay awhile. I bet you’ll fall in love, too.

Hat tip: Rick Turoczy of Silicon Florist.

Visiting “Santa Claus”

Christmas time means a trip to Pioneer Place to visit “Santa Claus.”1Little did we know that the real Santa had moved to Pioneer Courthouse Square, to be replaced by a fraud who didn’t ask the kid’s names, hurried through Christmas wants, and didn’t talk to parents other than to say, “Quick, snap the picture. There are other people in line.” Bad form, Pioneer Place. *<:-( (Today is Festivus, so the airing of grievances is traditional and appropriate.) Then we walked to Pioneer Courthouse Square to see Portland’s tree and take more pictures. I experimented with zoomy, blurry, and zoomy blurry pictures.

ROAMing Portland

I visited Salmon Street Fountain in downtown Portland during lunch to see the ROAM Velomobile Tour sendoff. has more (and better) photos of the event.1

Velomobiles are amazing, sleek vehicles to see up close. My bike feels so clunky in comparison.

As I was already in downtown Portland, I played tourist and took some photos before heading back to work.

The video I took:

Video from the Oregonian:

There are a lot more photos in Flickr photostream.

Family Fun at the Corn Maze

We enjoyed our last weekend before Ashley and Heather head off to college by going to Sauvie Island and attempting the corn maze.

Looking at the overhead photo, it shouldn’t have been very hard. Ha! Actually, looking at the picture (below, the Google Map above currently shows a prior year’s maze) a little more closely, I can see it’s been edited to make the maze impossible — hiding the solution. Double ha!

Regardless, we had a lot of fun and ultimately did find the solution. Amazing!