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  • Portland Photo Walk

    Portland Photo Walk

    Ashley’s buying a camera seemed like a good excuse to roam downtown Portland. We wandered around Tanner Springs Park, Jamison Square, Pioneer Courthouse Square (where we caught an impromptu concert by Without Apology), Director Park, and The Fields Neighborhood Park. Then we walked the Eastbank Esplanade from the Vera Katz sculpture to north of Burnside…

  • Marquam Bridge

    Marquam Bridge

    I claimed it was possible to take a pretty picture of the Marquam Bridge. I think I might have cheated… ;-) Many pictures of the Marquam you see are taken from the upper floor of the VA hospital, OHSU, or the Portland aerial tram. That could be fun.

  • The Fireside Marquee

    The Fireside Marquee

    We dropped by NW 23rd, celebrating Ashley’s recent birthday with desserts at Papa Haydn. Waiting for a table for seven, we wandered a while and I snapped some shots. Fireside’s marquee, with its neon accents and witty epigram, won the evening.

  • Happy Birthday, Suzi!

    Happy Birthday, Suzi!

    For Suzi’s birthday, we kayaked the Willamette River. We rented from Portland Kayak Company and launched from Willamette Park. We cruised around East Island while I took a bunch of pictures. It was Kevin’s and Yuna’s first times on kayaks — you wouldn’t have known. We all had a blast! We need to do this…

  • View From 3E

    View From 3E

    In remembrance of 9/11, I took a commercial flight. At least, that’s how it worked out.

  • Euler’s Graffiti

    Euler’s Graffiti

    Apparently, Euler is alive and well and leaving his identity in Portland’s sidewalks.

  • Paragliding Portland’s Bridges

    Another beautiful video of Portland. Is there any other kind? ;-) It looks like fun. If you’re concerned about the legality or safety of paragliding downtown Portland’s bridges, check out the video’s note on YouTube.

  • Could Portland be the best city in the country for developers right now? — AppFog Blog

    Could Portland be the best city in the country for developers right now? — AppFog Blog. The best write-up ever why my techie friends should call Portland home.

  • Portland Details

    Portland Details

    Portland’s Meier & Frank Building.