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  • My 2nd grader will prob fail his Sci test tomorrow…

    My 2nd grader will prob fail his Sci test tomorrow when he lists ‘Congressmen’ as a type of invertebrate. Not a good day to study with Dad. Stephen M. Nipper

  • Neither Politics Nor Religion

    It’s said that one never speaks of politics or religion in polite company. Here I’ve done both. In fact, my definition of a true friend includes being able to discuss both and showing up to help on moving day. Why do we talk politics? What’s the point? Is it to win votes for your candidate? […]

  • Definition: A True Friend

  • Back to Work; Sabbatical is Over

    Back to Work; Sabbatical is Over

    Having cast off for sabbatical eight weeks ago, today was time to plug back into the docking station. Alpha mail. Thankfully, only 500 e-mails were waiting in my inbox and most could be discarded without reading more than the subject line. After accepting a few meeting requests and placing a few phone calls to ensure […]

  • Sabbatical Plans

    My sabbatical starts when today ends. Wow! I still have too much to do or delegate… I read recently about the concept of e-mail bankruptcy (thanks Josh for helping me find that link). Although it sounds tempting, I will process my e-mail inbox before sabbatical starts. Do or delegate is the plan. My family and […]

  • — Follow the Money

    shines the light on money and politics. Although there’s not necessarily a causal relationship between political donations and voting, being able to look up the information is a good thing. Take the time to view the video tour. Hat tip: Roger

  • Let’s Impeach Bush

    Or not. (Can you say President Cheney?)

  • Ron Paul = Sanjaya?

    Is this another form of voting for the worst?

  • Quote of the Day — Mike Huckabee

    We’ve had a congress that’s spent money like John Edwards in a beauty shop. Mike Huckabee That’s going to be hard to top. :-) Update: Here’s some video. Unfortunately, Huckabee’s quip was so good, it overshadowed his advocacy for the Fair Tax.