The Bustle in a House

The Bustle in a House
The Morning after Death
Is solemnest of industries
Enacted upon Earth —

The Sweeping up the Heart
And putting Love away
We shall not want to use again
Until Eternity —

Emily Dickinson

The broom is still in my closet. I’m not ready just yet.

Thanks to a couple of special friends who shared this poem with me. It means a lot. :-)

Treasured memories of mom

Treasured memories
Flow gently into the breach
That cannot be filled.

--Brent Logan (March 22, 2017)

Today I begin to learn how to live without my mom. This isn’t going to be easy. She was a special, spunky person and we are all better for having known and loved her.

Rest in peace, mom.


Drifting through the void
Reformed stellar-debris
Breeds an organic film
Twisting from the glare
To face eternity.

Brent Logan (2016)