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  • Yahoo Pipe: A FriendFeed Room With Comments

    I recently wrote a Yahoo Pipe to find all the items in a FriendFeed RSS feed that have comments on them. Optionally, the pipe can ignore the comments from a single person (such as yourself) so you can find those items other people have found interesting. Here’s my post on the pipe.

    Never being satisfied with the status quo, Josh Bancroft asked:

    Hey, how well do you think your FriendFeed comment pipe would work with rooms? I want a feed of what other people say, not me…

    Once again, Yahoo Pipes to the rescue. My new “A FriendFeed Room With Comments pipe” is essentially the same as the earlier pipe. Instead of asking for a FriendFeed individual’s RSS feed, this pipe asks for the room name. It will also accept the room’s URL or feed URL.

    Ignoring someone’s comments is optional. Enter the person’s name, or leave No Filtering in the field if you don’t want to ignore anybody’s comments.

    Here’s an example of using the pipe:

    • Enter the room’s name, URL, or feed URL. It’s easiest for me to just copy and paste from the browser’s address field, so I’ll paste in the field.
    • Enter the name of the person whose comments you want to ignore. For this example, I’ll enter Josh Bancroft.
    • Click Run Pipe.
    • Select More options to get the pipe’s output as an RSS feed.

    That’s it!

    Feel free to clone, modify, etc. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

  • My FriendFeed Stuff With Comments

    Josh Bancroft tweeted:

    Holy crap! I log into FriendFeed for the first time in weeks, and there are comments all over the place! Feed for those, please!

    Yahoo Pipes to the rescue. The My FriendFeed, Commented Items Only pipe finds all the “stuff” in my FriendFeed RSS feed that has comments, ignoring those where I’m the only commenter. (Yeah, that sounds strange, but when I use Google Reader to share something with a note, FriendFeed displays the post as though I commented on it. Which, of course, I have.)

    To use this pipe,

    • Enter your FriendFeed name and nickname. You can find both of these on your FriendFeed account page. For example, my FriendFeed name is Brent Logan and my nickname is blogan. Update: these names are case sensitive; entering brent logan for my FriendFeed name does not filter out the the items where I’m the only commenter.
    • Click Run Pipe.
    • Select More options to get the pipe’s output as an RSS feed.

    That’s it!

    Feel free to clone this pipe and make it your own. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

    Update. Looks like Josh approves. :-)

    Credits: I was able to create this pipe after studying the techniques used by Dawn Foster in a similar pipe.



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