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  • Blossoms


    Yesterday, Ashley, Heather and I went to Orenco for frozen yogurt. Mmm… We walked to look closer at the construction near the MAX station and inspect the crane. Walking back, we paused to enjoy the blossoms on the trees.

  • Teal for Ovarian Cancer Awareness

    Teal for Ovarian Cancer Awareness

    Blogan has gone teal for National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Coincidentally, a pretty shade of pink works as an accent color. Hug those who are special to you.

  • Pink for Liz Colligan

    Many blogs participate in Pink for October to raise awareness of breast cancer. This October, is honoring a very special individual, Liz Colligan: If you don’t know Liz, you should. She’s an amazing woman with a love of life, smart, caring, funny, and a dear friend (one of my many gifts from cancer). At […]