Nemo veggin'

After a week of showing up with an increasingly sore throat, I’m going on vacation this weekend. We’ll be veggin’, like Nemo in the picture.

With luck, we’ll have snow to enjoy. Otherwise, we’ll be able to drive to Crater Lake and catch some sights.

Have a great weekend!

Update: Corrected a redundancy. It was a long week… The weekend was wonderful, though. It snowed Sunday afternoon and evening. Got about 4-5 inches. Might post a picture or two later.

Three Teenagers

My youngest daughter turned thirteen today. Here she is, her face illuminated by thirteen candles.

I now have three teenage daughters and one younger son to keep them in line. (I feel like I should also mention my growing gun collection.) I’m one proud dad. :-)

Happy birthday, kiddo! I love you!