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  • My Five Labs Personality Analysis Using Facebook

    My Five Labs Personality Analysis Using Facebook

    Five Labs characterized my personality by analyzing the words in my Facebook posts: Brent is restless, inventive, and reserved. If that’s all it did, Five Lab’s analysis would be interesting. However, what makes it cool is Five Labs showing me which of my friends’ and selected public figures’ personalities are closest to mine. Turns out,…

  • My Personality Type: INTJ

    Encouraged by my friend Nicholas Church, I took the online Jung Typology Test. My results are: Your Type is INTJ Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judging 11 75 38 56 Strength of the preferences % Qualitative analysis of your type formula — You are: slightly expressed introvert distinctively expressed intuitive personality moderately expressed thinking personality moderately expressed…

  • Presidential Dianognosis

    At the intersection… Mentally ill, or Presidential candidate