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  • PDX Terminal

    PDX Terminal

    I dropped Suzi off at the airport earlier this week. Headed back to the short term parking garage, I crouched down to take a shot.

  • The Fireside Marquee

    The Fireside Marquee

    We dropped by NW 23rd, celebrating Ashley’s recent birthday with desserts at Papa Haydn. Waiting for a table for seven, we wandered a while and I snapped some shots. Fireside’s marquee, with its neon accents and witty epigram, won the evening.

  • New PDX Carpet

    New PDX Carpet

    I’m so sad. PDX has started replacing its carpet. I wonder if the new design will catch on.

  • Home Sweet PDX

    Home Sweet PDX

    So nice to be home. :-) The amazing carpet that tells you that you’re home in Portland

  • Euler’s Graffiti

    Euler’s Graffiti

    Apparently, Euler is alive and well and leaving his identity in Portland’s sidewalks.

  • A View From the Left Side

    A View From the Left Side

    Nighttime flights don’t result in great views of the ground. And rush seating doesn’t always result in me remembering where I sat.

  • A View From 3A

    A View From 3A

    Flying home, I took more pictures out of the plane window (and finished another book).

  • A View From 3E

    A View From 3E

    After a month or so of not traveling, it’s back on the “road” again. Thanks to my trip to Taipei last year, I get the shorter TSA lines and can sit near the front of the plane. I’m not sure I like the front any better than the far back. Either gets you off the…

  • Yet Another View From 19E

    Yet Another View From 19E

    It’s nice to have a new pocket camera for taking snapshots out of the plane window. It was cloudy most of the way so I didn’t see Mt. Thielsen, Diamond Peak, or Crater Lake. I snapped this shortly after takeoff from PDX. As I walked in the gentle mist in Folsom, I heard someone say,…