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  • Home again

    Home again

    So nice to be back home again. Even better to be met at the airport by my sweetie. :-) And it goes without saying: PDX continues to have the best carpet. ;-)

  • Flight east

    Flight east

    After a long hiatus, I was back in the air today. A quick goodbye to PDX’s new carpeting and a couple of plane rides later, I’m thankful for time zones. My body adjusted to the new time zone immediately, though I am concerned that my body will revert to PST when it’s time to wake…

  • PDX Terminal

    PDX Terminal

    I dropped Suzi off at the airport earlier this week. Headed back to the short term parking garage, I crouched down to take a shot.

  • New PDX Carpet

    New PDX Carpet

    I’m so sad. PDX has started replacing its carpet. I wonder if the new design will catch on.

  • Home Sweet PDX

    Home Sweet PDX

    So nice to be home. :-) The amazing carpet that tells you that you’re home in Portland

  • Another Day at PDX

    Another Day at PDX

    We took Ashley and her friend Sara to PDX early this morning. They are off to study in Spain for the summer.

  • PDX Pictures

    PDX Pictures

    Another wait at PDX for a ride, another opportunity to take some pictures. It’s not my first time.

  • More Travel Pics From Trip To Folsom

    More Travel Pics From Trip To Folsom

    I’m still carrying a camera everywhere (it’s sure convenient to have a camera that fits in my shirt pocket). These are a few of the pictures I took on my trip to Folsom earlier this week. Do you have a favorite?