I Got Winered

A big thanks to Dave Winer for tweeting my last post. I got a spike in traffic, above the fold in the search results,1Don’t think of this as bragging. It’s “sharing experiences with family and close friends.” Besides, the credit goes to Dave. and a warm feeling.2Oh yeah, and my Klout score dropped. Ha! :-D :-)

What If I Built a Blog and Nobody Came…

What if I built a blog and nobody came? Would I care? Now I don’t. Notice, that is. Care, maybe…

Let me back up. For years, I’ve tracked site visits. I could tell where you came from, what you’d searched for, how long you stuck around, which pages you’d viewed, etc.

Last week I turned it off.

Counters use third-party tracking cookies that let someone track you all over the web. I don’t want to be a part of that.1This was part of the reason I removed the Twitter and Facebook widgets from my sidebar. As a benefit, removing all this stuff speeds up my blog.

You’re here and reading this and that’s good enough.

I won’t know unless you tell me — and neither will anyone else.