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  • The Voters’ Pamphlet is Here!

    I received the Oregon General election Voters’ Pamphlet, 1 of 2, State Measures in the mail today. Life is good! Oregonians get a “pamphlet” listing the measures and candidates. The measures includes the official ballot title, the test of the measure, an explanatory statement, and the fun part: arguments in favor and in opposition. For […]

  • Oneonta Gorge

    Today, I took the family (such as it is with our two olders daughters absent) up the gorge to Lower Oneonta Falls. We are taking our church’s teen group there this Saturday and wanted to make sure the river is not too deep to safely wade to the falls. As the pictures show, the weather […]

  • Haystack Rock

    Haystack Rock

  • Peaceful


    My oldest daughter took this picture on our recent vacation. I call it peaceful.