Pacific and Atlantic States will Share the Same Time Tonight

Thanks to daylight saving time and time zones, states on the Pacific and the Atlantic coasts will share the same time tonight.

When we transition from daylight savings time to standard time, adjacent time zones share time for an hour. The eastern time zone “falls back” to standard time and matches the western zone still in daylight savings time until it falls back an hour later.

The table below shows how the Eastern and Central time zones match for an hour, followed by the Central and Mount time zones, and then the Mountain and Pacific time zones.

Time zones do not follow meridian lines between the North and South poles. Instead, they zig and zag so communities don’t get split. Sometimes, a state border is the divider. Other times, not. Notice from the timezone map below that an eastern part of Oregon is in Mountain time and the western panhandle of Florida is in Central time.

Because the Mountain and Central times zones are adjacent, parts of Oregon (a Pacific coast state) and Florida (an Atlantic coast state) will have the same time tonight.

Now you have more to like about “falling back” to standard time than an extra hour of sleep.

A Beautiful Morning in Wi-Ne-Ma

Thursday and Friday, Suzi and I accompanied Faith Bible’s junior high retreat to Camp Wi-Ne-Ma. Friday morning, before bright and early, we walked the beach.

Another beautiful day on the Oregon coast!

Hug Point

With more fantastic weather, another trip to the beach was in order. We packed up the family (at least, those who are left at home right now) and headed to Hug Point. We arrived mid-afternoon, shortly before high tide. Cousins arriving before us had already constructed a wall against the advancing tide. We pitched in to help.

One big wave came in, breached the wall, and sent everyone on the beach back to its top edge or even onto the rocks behind. We rebuilt our fortress, bigger, better, and stronger. A couple more waves made futile attempts but failed.

Shortly after sunset, the tide was low. We could easily walk around the points to the beach to the north.

Ashley took a bunch of pictures1Photo credit: Pictures 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 by Ashley Logan. Used by permission. and I took a few. Cousins threw Frisbees, flew kites, and everyone ate. We watched a campfire burn ’till way after dark.

Another great day at the Oregon coast! :-)

Hillsboro’s Oregon International Air Show

Jamison and I went to the Oregon International Air Show today. The last time we went was about ten years ago. A lot is different. Jamison is ten years older (duh!). We remembered to bring hearing protection. And we splurged for reserved seating.

We arrived shortly after the gates opened, long before the flying program started, so we walked around the static exhibits. Jamison investigated careers in flight and we entered a drawing for a demo flight. I completed an Oregon Air National Guard survey so I could ride their spinning thing and got a water bottle, too! With Hillsboro’s temperature peaking at 90° today, that was a nice score.

Jamison attempted to ride a bike with handlebars connected to the front wheel through reversing gearing — turning the handlebar left turned the wheel right. Anyone who could ride it eight feet without putting a foot down would win $100. Unfortunately, their money was quite safe. The operator easily demonstrated the feat, but admitted practicing had so rewired his brain that he doubted he could ride a normal bike without difficulty.

When the show was about to start, we found our seats, sprayed on some sunscreen, and started guzzling water. We enjoyed sky diving, a couple of quarter-scale RC planes, jets from multiple branches of the military, home-built experimental planes, aerobatics, and even a couple of jet-powered cars/trucks.

When the jets were flying, we were glad we had earplugs. All-day long, we were glad there was plenty of water to refill our water bottle. Now that it’s over, I’m glad I remembered the sunscreen and my camera.

Lake Wahtum to Chinidere Mountain Hike

I hiked from Lake Wahtum to Chinidere Mountain with Rob and Ted E. Bear (a standard poodle). The weather was great, as was the scenery: clear views of Mount St. Helens, Mount Rainier, Mount Adams, Mount Hood, Mount Jefferson, and a peek at the Three Sisters.

This hike is worth repeating.1Though there are so many other great hikes, I might not. Sorry for getting all scientific with the flowers’ names. ;-) I will sleep well tonight and that hot shower this evening was especially nice. :-)