My 10 Favorite Photos of 2013

Carrying a camera with me most of the time, I take a lot of pictures. I take pictures during my bicycle commute. I take pictures when I fly. I even take pictures while I wait for my flight. And I post a bunch of them.

Of the pictures I took and posted in 2013, these are nine of my favorite.

Finally, I include my favorite animated GIF from the year.

That makes an even ten. Do you have a favorite? Did I miss your favorite?

Zoo Lights 2010

Tonight we went to the Oregon Zoo to see Zoo Lights. The weather was WET; it rained the whole time. We got hot chocolate near the entrance, rode the train, and walked through most of the lighted areas.

We didn’t linger.

I have more Zoo Lights pictures.

Christmas Blobs

I attempted to duplicate Aaron Hockley’sMy Christmas Was A Blur.” How hard could it be?

Apparently, pretty hard. I took pictures of sheets of Christmas lights while panning and/or rotating my Canon Digital Rebel XT. It didn’t record continuous blurry lines. Instead, I got discrete, blurry blobs. Not exactly the effect I was expecting. (Click the pictures for larger, “clearer” views of my blobs.)

I tried something similar with my cell phone’s video capabilities.

More blobs. And now I feel a little dizzy. *<:-)

Oh well. Ignore Aaron’s awesome picture. This is what I intended. Yeah, that’s the ticket.