After going to an orchid show in Sacramento a couple of years ago, I’ve developed a soft spot for orchids. We have more than a few plants on our kitchen drainboard. I think maybe five of them are orchids.

Inspired by the orchid show, I repotted a few of them and “rescued”1Okay, it was half price at the end of the season, but it was one step away from the dust bin. another from a local big box home supplies store. Now, two are reblooming2Including the rescue. with another on the way.

If only I could make the Christmas cactus happy, too. I wonder, if I spent even a portion of the time I did learning about orchids, I bet I could.

Do you have a favorite house plant?

Orchid Show

To celebrate a few birthdays, we went to the Sacramento Orchid Society’s orchid show. I came home with an orchid book for beginners and everyone else came home with orchids.

We’re going to have fun trying to keep these beautiful flowers thriving.

Do you grow orchids?