Help! I’m Locked In My Car!

Car Lock I used to afflict my kids with a story of a man who locked his keys in his car. What’s worse, it was beginning to rain, the top was down, and his family that was locked inside the car were starting to get wet, along with the car’s interior. Every time my kids pointed out a solution to the problem, I would redirect to another aspect of the man’s problem. It was great fun for me and frustrating for my kids. How could the man (and their dad) be so stupid?!

As so often happens, life imitates art.

Update. I took a second look at this story. Surely, this has to be an April Fool’s joke or an urban legend. As it turns out, another news source also reported the story and has the 9-1-1 tape.

Hat tip: Jeff Campbell.
Photo credit: Separation Anxiety by Colin Brown. Used under a Creative Commons license.
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Accidental Science

This week the Logan household has been performing science experiments. For example:

  • Two, full, dozen-egg expanded polystyrene cartons falling from a kitchen counter can break ten eggs, only three which can’t be recovered.
  • Dropping a glass from the bottom shelf of a kitchen cupboard onto a plate on the counter can break both glass and plate.

What about you? Performed any “science experiments” lately?

How Not to Design an Icon

Levelator Icon I recently downloaded and installed Levelator on my computer. I almost missed it when I looked for it on my desktop. It’s icon blends in almost perfectly.

I wouldn’t expect my desktop’s color to be that uncommon. It’s the standard Windows XP theme with no desktop image.

Levelator Icon on white background Here’s the icon on a white background.

I wonder how they’ll respond to my e-mailed bug report.

Update: I received the following e-mail from The Conversations Network, source of Levelator:

Stealth software, I guess. :-)

Thanks for letting us know, Brent.


Time stamp — just over an hour after my e-mail. Not bad.