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  • 1,000!

    Woo hoo! I’m so proud. I can brag about meeting my goal of bicycling 1,000 miles in a year. And there’s still four months left — of colder, wetter weather. We’ll see how that goes… ;-)

  • 939!

    After biking to work this morning, my bike computer shows I’ve biked 939 miles so far this year. That beats last year’s mileage with more than four months to go in the year.

  • Changing of the Cycle Computer

    Changing of the Cycle Computer

    Yesterday, I moved my lights to the new bike; this evening I moved over the cycle computer. I wasn’t sure I wanted to. Riding without knowing my speed these past few days has been fun. I could pace myself based on the effort I wanted to expend. And based on that effort, my new bike […]

  • Biking Recap for October 2012

    Biking Recap for October 2012

    I had a wimpy month on the bike! October: 47 miles2012: 911 miles We finally got rain, a little before the middle of the month, and it’s stuck with us. Although I have rain gear in the closet, I lost the waterproof cover for my pannier earlier in the year. Although I don’t mind getting […]

  • Biking First Third of 2012 Recap

    Biking First Third of 2012 Recap

    Twenty twelve is one-third gone and my bike’s odometer reads 71,947, or 189 miles since January 1. That’s not a huge distance, but probably about 189 miles more miles on the bike than last year at this time. Time for another picture from my “photo spot.”

  • Biking in the New Year

    The New Year is here with beautiful weather: sunny and 50+. To celebrate, I rode my bike to Starbucks with my new Nook in my pocket. Woo hoo! A whole 4.07 miles on the bike on January 1. ;-) Because I know I’ll want to know what my bike odometer read at the beginning of […]