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  • Human Reef

    Human Reef

    For my fifth day in a week of nature photography, I chose a picture of the downtown Portland waterfront. You might think this isn’t nature. If so, I have a few points:

    1. Humans are not outside of nature. We are as much a part of nature as any other species. Would you consider an anthill or a tropical reef to be nature? Portland is a human reef.
    2. Our activities impact the habitat of others, but we are not the only species that does this. And we can be smart enough1 to minimize our impact.1I have hope.
    3. Living in more dense groups decreases the total landmass needed for human dwellings, industry, and infrastructure. This helps preserve more of what many would call nature.
    4. Yes, I’m being contrarian. I thought you’d have noticed this by now. ;-)
    • 1
      I have hope.
  • Wide open vistas

    Wide open vistas

    One Sunday morning early last December, Heather invited me to Petite Provence on Alberta Street. Waiting for our table, we explored Digs across the way and found these cute hanging pots with succulents and air plants. Heather gave me these for Christmas.

    This is day two of a week of nature photography. Same as yesterday’s picture, I have an “expansive” view of nature photography.

    Maybe I have a theme of domesticated nature… ;-)

  • Go Take A Walk

    Taking a nature walk can help with ADHD:

    [W]alking in nature or viewing pictures of nature can improve directed-attention abilities. (Source.)

    Hat tip: 43 Folders Clips.



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