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  • Another Wednesday, another PR

    Another Wednesday, another PR

    Another Wednesday, so I headed off to longboard Mt. Tabor to get the PR that SpeedMeter glitched on last week. I was successful — 35.54 mph! :-) I saw only two other longboarders on the hill and met only one of them. I’m looking forward to skating with (ok, getting dusted by) Hopkins again. At…

  • Wednesday at Tabor

    Wednesday at Tabor

    Thanks to Ethan texting me Daddies was doing a demo day at Tabor, I had a great time at Mt. Tabor. Going down after a large pack really relieves the concern of pedestrians and dogs on the route (though one rider had a close call with a squirrel). Some of these guys are just fast.…

  • Going downhill at Mt. Tabor

    Going downhill at Mt. Tabor

    Wednesday means Mt. Tabor. Unfortunately, longboarding is just not the same thing without Jamison. Little buddy! I did some runs from the bottom third or so. It’s the most efficient considering the run’s length vs. the return walking length. And it does eliminate the risk of all but one blind corner, a good thing when…

  • Mt. Tabor and Mt. Hood

    Mt. Tabor and Mt. Hood

    Mt. Tabor and Mt. Hood — a couple of my favorite mountains!

  • Longboarding Mt. Tabor with Jamison

    Longboarding Mt. Tabor with Jamison

    Being Wednesday and all, Jamison and I decided to downhill Mt. Tabor. And, being Wednesday and all, we ran into other longboarders. Robin and Sky showed us how it’s done, with tight tucks and fast runs. Sky was hoping to break 33 (or was it 34?). I was happy to hit 30.49, a personal record.…

  • #goskateboardingday at Mt. Tabor

    #goskateboardingday at Mt. Tabor

    Do one thing every day that scares you. Mary Schmich Today, I succeeded. Jamison and I took #goskateboardingday seriously and went to Mt. Tabor. It was my first downhill runs of the year, and just like last year, the first run was terrifying. Actually, that’s not quite true—preparing to go on the first run was…

  • Bombing Tabor to close the summer

    Bombing Tabor to close the summer

    A day or two ago, Jamison asked me if I could longboard Mt. Tabor with him on Wednesday. As Jamison is getting ready to head off to college, that was a definite yes. The last time I’d downhilled was in April, so I was a little nervous. The first couple of runs helped both of…

  • I PR’d Mt. Tabor

    I PR’d Mt. Tabor

    I have had trouble longboarding faster than 30 mph, last year’s braggy post notwithstanding. I had hoped that a new board with some awesome wheels would get me over the hump … but it was not to be. Then I noticed something new on Longboard SpeedMeter — a mark indicating where a run’s maximum speed…

  • Good weather means Mt. Tabor longboarding

    Portland’s weather yesterday was incredible — it hit 73! But that’s not where the story starts. Last Friday, I get a Slack message from coworker Caleb: Hey, we should go longboarding next week sometime. It?s supposed to be pretty warm the last half of the week. What days were best to ride longboards at Mt…