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  • Can we all get along?

    Can we all get along?

    With apologies to Rodney King, can we all just get along?

  • Mousse at the beach

    Mousse at the beach

    Mousse loves the beach. She gets to be off-leash. She gets to play fetch. She gets to play in the water. She gets to meet other dogs. Did I say she gets to play fetch? What’s not to like? Today, she decided she was going swimming. Well, that wasn’t necessarily the plan, but she was…

  • My recent Instagram photos

    My recent Instagram photos

    I’ve been too busy to get my recent Instagram shots posted here. It’s probably time to investigate plugins for automatically grabbing my Instagram shots and posting them here. The last time I looked, the plugin pulled over a small image. Since then, Instagram has increased the size of photos it stores. Maybe the plugin has…

  • Mousse


    Mousse makes herself at home. She no longer merely lies on the bed — she owns it. And what a sweet puppy she is. :-) This is day three of a week of (domesticated) “nature photography.”

  • In the yard

    In the yard

    Mousse and I start our day in the yard.

  • Mousse’s training progress

    Mousse’s training progress

    I’m not sure, but I think we might have Mousse trained to stay off the front couch now… ;-)

  • Bamboo, the skating dog

    Good job, Bamboo! A skateboarding dog is awesome! I wonder if we can teach Mousse to longboard. I showed Mousse this video; she watched the entire thing with apparent interest. Do you think she’ll stand on my longboard while I pull it with a rope?

  • Chocolate Medicine

    I love when Mousse saunters over to flop down and rest her head across my feet. Chocolate labs are healing to the soul.

  • Kayaking With Mousse On Sunset Lake

    Kayaking With Mousse On Sunset Lake

    For our Saturday excursion, Suzi and I rented four kayaks to explore Sunset Lake. Ashley got a larger life vest for Mousse. Suzi, Ashley, Heather, and I boarded our kayaks. Ashley had Mousse join her. Things went swimmingly until Mousse went swimming. Thanks to Mousse’s life vest and its handle, Ashley was able to get…