Happy birthday, Mousse!

Today Mousse turned four.

To celebrate, we got her a Puppuccino, walked Central Park and Orenco Station, and let her choose a birthday present at the pet store.

Happy birthday, Mousse!

Btw, I took a bunch of pictures, hoping to get a good one. They automatically backup to Google, which detects similar pictures and makes animated gifs. These are a couple of the gifs that Google made.

Quick evening trip to Cannon Beach

Late afternoon, Ashley knocked on my door. “Dad, are you almost done working? Would you want to go to Cannon Beach to see the sunset?”

In a few minutes, the three of us were out the door and on our way. We made it to the beach with enough time to hike to Haystack Rock before the sun dipped behind the waves.

What a great way to end the day!

Btw, a day that had started with another picture from my photo spot, across the street from the Hillsboro airport.

Mousse at the beach

Mousse loves the beach. She gets to be off leash. She gets to play fetch. She gets to play in the water. She gets to meet other dogs. Did I say she gets to play fetch? What’s not to like?

Today, she decided she was going swimming. Well, that wasn’t necessarily the plan, but she was going to fetch whatever it was that was thrown into the waves. Fortunately, she has learned “come” and Melissa had a tennis ball in her hand. A little doggie body surfing and she was back on dry land.

After collecting our water, sand, and pizza, we jumped in the car and headed home.

Another fun time at the beach. :-)

My recent Instagram photos

I’ve been too busy to get my recent Instagram shots posted here.

It’s probably time to investigate plugins for automatically grabbing my Instagram shots and posting them here. Last time I looked, the plugin pulled over a small image. Since then, Instagram has increased the size of photos it stores. Maybe the plugin has followed suit.

Update. I installed Instagrate to see whether it’s something I want to use. Not right now, but it sounds like an update that supports larger pictures and the new Instagram API will arrive before June. I can’t wait.


Mousse makes herself at home. She no longer merely lies on the bed — she owns it. And what a sweet puppy she is. :-)

This is day three of a week of (domesticated) “nature photography.”1

  1. Today we’re tracking the elusive family dog. What an amazing opportunity to observe this magnificent specimen performing a ritual nap in her natural habitat. Notice how her coloration matches the pillow behind her, allowing her to subtly blend in. Let’s pause to watch her eyebrows twitch from side to side as she ponders her next moves. If she plays her card right, she’ll be snuggled up to her master before nightfall.