In the shade of the moon

Thanks to a recent Vox article, I made last-minute plans to drive south to experience the eclipse in totality. After dropping Suzi off at work early in the morning, I traveled back roads over the hills and through the countryside to McMinnville. Because the traffic was light, I continued further south to Independence. Surrounded by… Continue reading In the shade of the moon

Veiled Moon

While I rode along Veteran’s Drive, I noticed low clouds blowing by the moon. I stopped to take a few pictures, waiting for gaps in the clouds. While gazing at the moon, I remembered good days for NASA. And I was thankful there was no loss of life in today’s Antares explosion on launch. Apparently,… Continue reading Veiled Moon

Morning Sliver

I see the moon, and the moon sees meDown through the leaves of the old oak treePlease let the light that shines on meShine on the one I love Over the mountain, over the seaBack where my heart is longing to bePlease let the light that shines on meShine on the one I love

Full Moon

A full moon in early evening clouds. Original picture.