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  • Naming a 1:1 meeting

    Suppose you’re Mike setting up a 1:1 meeting with Julie. What should you name the calendar meeting request? Julie / Mike Mike / Julie Julie If you’re like me, you probably choose the first option. You’re meeting with Julie, so her name goes first. It would feel egotistical to put your own name first, right? […]

  • The importance of being present

    I used to manage an engineering team about 500 miles distant. To stay in sync, we had regular meetings: A team meeting every week A stakeholder meeting every week 1:1 meetings with each team member every other week When something urgent arose, we’d call ad hoc meetings with the appropriate people. Once or twice a […]

  • Patrick Lencioni: Death by Meeting and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

    In the past two days, I read two books by Patrick Lencioni: and . The books are quick reads — obviously. What might not be so obvious is the books are also entertaining, teaching in a form their author calls “a leadership fable.” In case you miss something along the way (not likely), the books […]

  • No laptops in meetings

    Where I work, most meetings are teleconferences with the participants sitting in their cubes at their computers. The computers seem to make paying attention nearly impossible, whether it’s getting other work done, checking out the stock price, or just cruising the web. Those in the know have learned to state a person’s name before asking […]