Math Pun Law

As an online discussion of math grows longer, the probability of a math pun approaches 1.1

  1. With apologies to Mike Godwin

Solve this if you are a genius

This “solve this” quiz showed up on my Facebook news feed.

8 = 56
7 = 42
6 = 30
5 = 20
3 = ?

The pattern looks pretty easy, right?

8 × 7 = 56
7 × 6 = 42
6 × 5 = 30
5 × 4 = 20

So what is the correct answer?

Here’s mine:

3 = 3 — even if it’s preceded by a bunch of false statements.

Do you agree?

Update. This is an old post and I thought it had seen all the life it was going to see. Then Angel comes and leaves a comment:

It turns out that the ‘?’ can be whatever we want it to be!

Angel backs up his claim with math. I think we have the definitive answer.


XKCD: All the Fun Parts of Life are Optional

I love the mousover text:

“The only things you HAVE to know are how to make enough of a living to stay alive and how to get your taxes done. All the fun parts of life are optional.”

Keep learning. :-)

Comic credit: XKCD. Used by permission.

Happy Pi Day

Happy Pi Day!

I found Dinosaur Comics’ Pi Day comic to be less violent than the Abstruse Goose Pi Day comic I posted a couple of years ago.

I’m looking forward to July 22 (and sorry I “missed” February 71).

How many digits of pi do you know?

Comic credit: Dinosaur Comics. Used by permission.

I still don’t know pi beyond 3.1415926, but thanks to Randy Yaw, Mr. Pi Day himself, I know that I can enter the pi character on my computer using ATL-227 (notice the numbers are the same as 22/7, the approximation for pi).


Happy Pi Day


Have a slice of pi!

NOTICE: In no way should this post be interpreted to condone or encourage the senseless beating of those who can recite way too many digits of pi. It is just the failed humor (okay, the reposting of failed humor) by one who can’t remember more digits of pi than 3.1415926.

Sorry, Randy…

Comic credit: “Pi” by Abstruse Goose. Used under a Creative Commons license.