Gorge Views

Traveling up the Gorge to Walla Walla, I took a few detours along the way to snap some shots.1Instead of pictures of Oregon peaks out of plane windows, prepare to be inundated with pictures from the Gorge. :-)

Multnomah Falls is always a great stop and today was no exception. The falls were full, taking my breath away just beyond the bridge.2In more ways than one. The blowing cold mist made breathing difficult.

I haven’t stopped at Mayer State Park at Rowena for a while. My earlier pictures are dark and moody. Other than all the dead fish on the beach, today’s mood was much brighter.

Although I didn’t bring my longboard,3Nor do I have the requisite skills, courage, or protective equipment, though it’s on my bucket list. I had to stop at the overlook by Maryhill Loops Road, if for no other reason than to forward the picture to Jamison and Instagram.

Maryhill Festival of Speed Videos

This past summer, Jamison and I went to the Maryhill Festival of Speed. Going through Moonshine MFG’s videos, I discovered that we have fleeting roles in a couple of them.

You can see Jamison in the crowd at :20 (and the top of my head).

Jamison and I are taking pictures from the sidelines at 2:10.

Looks like fun! :-)