Where in the World is Loch Ness?

Gordon Holmes claims to have captured video of the Loch Ness Monster.

According to Wikipedia:

Loch Ness (Scottish Gaelic: Loch Nis) is a large, deep freshwater loch in the Scottish Highlands (57’18″N, 4’27″W) extending for approximately 37 km (23 miles) southwest of Inverness. The Loch’s surface is 15.8 metres (52 feet) above sea level.

Loch Ness is best known for the alleged sightings of the legendary Loch Ness Monster (“Nessie”). Boat cruises operate from various locations along its shores giving tourists the chance to look for the monster.

Loch Ness is the largest body of water on the geologic fault known as the Great Glen, which runs from Inverness in the north to Fort William in the south. The Caledonian Canal, which links the sea at either end of the Great Glen, uses Loch Ness for part of its route. (Wikipedia.)

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Afternoon Walk

Sabbath afternoon walk We were going to go to the beach after church, but decided to stay in town. I had driven by this trail many times, but never stopped. Today seemed like the right day.

It turned out to be a beautiful walk. The trail was paved or boardwalk and quite flat. There were wild roses (who knew they smelled so good?) and grasses. I took a couple of pictures and walked with my sweetheart. Jamison and Heather pestered each other.

Good times. :-)