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  • Agile and Lean Development Conference Resources 2014

    This week I attended the annual Intel Agile and Lean Development Conference. This is the third time I have attended, and IMHO, it was the best by far. The conference was better arranged, having a basic day, an advanced day, and a day of keynotes with industry experts. For the first time, Intel invited members […]

  • Sh*t, Meet Hill

  • Eject! Eject! Eject!: Forty Second Boyd and the Big Picture

    Forty Second Boyd and the Big Picture. Bill Whittle writes an interesting history of America’s fighter jets and why our pilots dominate the skies, of how agility, not firepower, wins. And then applies it to the Iraq War. Hat tip: Jay Tea at Wizbang.

  • No laptops in meetings

    Where I work, most meetings are teleconferences with the participants sitting in their cubes at their computers. The computers seem to make paying attention nearly impossible, whether it’s getting other work done, checking out the stock price, or just cruising the web. Those in the know have learned to state a person’s name before asking […]

  • Back to Work; Sabbatical is Over

    Back to Work; Sabbatical is Over

    Having cast off for sabbatical eight weeks ago, today was time to plug back into the docking station. Alpha mail. Thankfully, only 500 e-mails were waiting in my inbox and most could be discarded without reading more than the subject line. After accepting a few meeting requests and placing a few phone calls to ensure […]