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  • You Might Be A Geek If [License Plate Version]

    You might be a geek if you have one of these license plates:

    For the non-geek readers out there, here’s a little interpretation:

    • LOTR — Lord of the Rings. Just in case you needed help understanding the FLA, the owner of this license plate spells it out for you, right above the plate (click the picture for a larger view).
    • 0X0D — This is how many computer languages represent the binary pattern 00001101. In ASCII, 0X0D stands for carriage return (CR).
    • POWER — This license plate is owned by a field application engineer for a company that produces multiphase buck controllers, the devices that regulate the power in your computer.

    I found these license plates at work without really looking. I wonder how many more there are.

    What’s the geekiest personalized license plate you’ve seen (or own)?



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