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  • No dice

    Last Thursday, I wrote I bought a Powerball ticket because the jackpot was “a lot of money.” You probably thought I didn’t blog over the weekend because I won the $111 million jackpot and was in Tahiti celebrating. Although I appreciate your positive thoughts, alas, it was not to be. Not this time.

    Wednesday’s drawing will be for $129 million. I wonder if I can spare a buck.

  • If you want to get hit by lightning

    Yesterday, I bought a Powerball lottery ticket. The drawing tomorrow evening will be for $111 million, or $62.4 million cash payout. That’s a lot of money.

    The odds against winning are astronomical: less than one chance in 120 million. Yet, if you want to get hit by lightning, the odds are better if you step outside. If you want to win Powerball, the odds are slightly better if you buy a ticket.



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