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  • Cape Meares Lighthouse

    Cape Meares Lighthouse

    This afternoon, Jamison and I went to Cape Meares Lighthouse to take some photos. We both decided to use film. I got Bob’s old Pentax MX with the 50mm f1.4 lens. On the way, I swapped the button batteries and verified that the light meter worked. I then loaded some Kodak Portra 400 from Jamison. I was ready.

    It’s a different vibe for me using film. I take more time. I enjoy the process more.

    Until something happened inside the camera about ten to twelve images in. The film felt like it wasn’t advancing. Maybe it never was, but it felt like it was. I think I saw the rewind knob rotating as I advanced the film. And I felt the film pickup let go after rotating the film rewind knob nine or ten times. So, maybe I got only ten good shots, with another couple on the same frame. I’ll find out after I get the film developed.1And if anything turned out, I’ll post them here.

    Fortunately, I was taking some digital shots, too, to see how the shots were likely turning out. Those are those shots you see above.

    I’m looking forward to the next time.

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      And if anything turned out, I’ll post them here.
  • More by DALL-E

    More by DALL-E

    I had some more fun playing around with DALL-E. It feels like the first time I used a word processor: it’s so easy to create something new. All I’m missing is the imagination.



    Golden Poppies

  • Cape Disappointment

    Cape Disappointment

    Heather had an idea: let’s go to Cape Disappointment and see some lighthouses. What a great idea!



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