East Lake Camping

This last weekend, we camped at East Lake. Better yet, we stayed in cabins. Mousse and Gilligan came too, along with bunches of cousins and their families.

We boated and kayaked and visited the obsidian flow. Jamison and I took pictures.1Well, the others took pictures, too, but theirs tended to include people. After sunset, we experimented with 30-second exposures of the lake.

The weather was wonderful2Not as wet as last year’s expedition to East Lake. if a little windy. We’ve already made plans for next year’s adventure.

Lake Wahtum to Chinidere Mountain Hike

I hiked from Lake Wahtum to Chinidere Mountain with Rob and Ted E. Bear (a standard poodle). The weather was great, as was the scenery: clear views of Mount St. Helens, Mount Rainier, Mount Adams, Mount Hood, Mount Jefferson, and a peek at the Three Sisters.

This hike is worth repeating.1Though there are so many other great hikes, I might not.
Sorry for getting all scientific with the flowers’ names. ;-)
I will sleep well tonight and that hot shower this evening was especially nice.