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    I’m experimenting with the K9 WordPress theme. It’s written by Safirul Alredha, or “Zeo” of K2 fame, and is based on the K2 WordPress theme. After a little investigation, I’ve found that K9 leaves out a bunch of K2’s functionality:

    • K2 sidebar modules. Widgets on steroids — K9 uses plain widgets
    • Custom CSS files. Nice to maintain style changes when K2 updates
    • Asides. Short posts for the sidebar — not much need anymore with Twitter
    • Archives page. Automatically generated archives page with tag-, category-, and time-based archiving
    • Live search. AJAXy search capabilities — no fun if your page loads slowly
    • Advanced navigation. AJAXy loading of previous pages

    Although I’ve grown attached to the first couple, I don’t really care about the latter three or four.

    K9 sticks with K2’s use of blue and adds a bunch of speed. Wow!

    I’m concerned. With a theme like this, I’ll need to focus more on content than appearance.

    I’ll experiment a little longer, at least long enough to get my >>--> in the header. Maybe…

    For now, my initial opinion is K9’s no dog.



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