The politicization of judicial nomination confirmations, part 2

In my final comment to my post, The politicization of judicial nomination confirmations, I implied the Republicans started the judicial confirmation battle during Clinton’s presidency. A little analysis shows I was wrong.

The chart shows a pattern emerging during Reagan’s second congress and continuing for the second congress of each presidential term following.

Where will this trend stop?

The politicization of judicial nomination confirmations

Gerry at Daly Thoughts posted an analysis on the percentage of circuit court nominations confirmed by the Senate.

A reasonable interpretation on that chart is that, starting with Reagan, the process began to become politicized. The Democrats became even more aggressive at this during George H.W. Bush’s term. The Republicans then upped the ante a bit under Clinton, particularly with his late second-term nominations. And under George W. Bush, the Democrats have decided raise the ante yet again.

Gerry continues…

It is even more stark if one looks at just the numbers for a President’s first Congress:

I recommend that you read the entire post and the comments.

Hat tip: Dinocrat.