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  • Hillsboro’s Oregon International Air Show

    Hillsboro’s Oregon International Air Show

    Jamison and I went to the Oregon International Air Show today. The last time we went was about ten years ago. A lot is different. Jamison is ten years older (duh!). We remembered to bring hearing protection. And we splurged for reserved seating.

    We arrived shortly after the gates opened, long before the flying program started, so we walked around the static exhibits. Jamison investigated careers in flight and we entered a drawing for a demo flight. I completed an Oregon Air National Guard survey so I could ride their spinning thing and got a water bottle, too! With Hillsboro’s temperature peaking at 90° today, that was a nice score.

    Jamison attempted to ride a bike with handlebars connected to the front wheel through reversing gearing — turning the handlebar left turned the wheel right. Anyone who could ride it eight feet without putting a foot down would win $100. Unfortunately, their money was quite safe. The operator easily demonstrated the feat but admitted practicing had so rewired his brain that he doubted he could ride a normal bike without difficulty.

    When the show was about to start, we found our seats, sprayed on some sunscreen, and started guzzling water. We enjoyed skydiving, a couple of quarter-scale RC planes, jets from multiple branches of the military, home-built experimental planes, aerobatics, and even a couple of jet-powered cars/trucks.

    When the jets were flying, we were glad we had earplugs. All day long, we were glad there was plenty of water to refill our water bottles. Now that it’s over, I’m glad I remembered the sunscreen and my camera.

  • Yearly Trek to Big Lake

    Yearly Trek to Big Lake

    We made our yearly trek to deliver Jamison to Big Lake Youth Camp for a week of fun. A couple of Jamison’s cousins also made the trek.

    No trip to Big Lake is complete without a photo of the sailing dock.1Here’s one from a couple of years ago.

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      Here’s one from a couple of years ago.
  • Backyard Campout

    Backyard Campout

    Jamison decided a backyard campout would be fun. He went with the “full meal deal,” including a fire in the fire pit, s’mores, and a sleepover in the tent.

    Meisa made sure all wild animals were kept at bay.

    I even remembered to turn off the automatic sprinklers. That would have been a little too exciting at 6:00 in the morning. :-D

  • More Lincoln City Fun

    More Lincoln City Fun

    One last day at Lincoln City with Dave and Rachel. We’re looking forward to our next invite.1Hint, hint. ;-)

    Thanks, Rachel, for the pictures.

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      Hint, hint. ;-)
  • Sunset at Lincoln City

    Sunset at Lincoln City

    Thanks to a last-minute invite from Dave and Rachel, we are spending another marvelous weekend at Lincoln City. Friday evening, we went to Road’s End State Park to watch the sunset.

    Update. I took a video using my cheap camera. Here it is.

  • Cirrus-ly Beautiful

    Cirrus-ly Beautiful

    Today, Jamison and I rode our bikes to the cousins’. The weather was cirrus-ly1Groan all you want. Puns are fun. :-) beautiful.

    At Suzi’s prompting, I looked for a route through neighborhood streets. Google Maps made it real easy: ask it for directions and tell it you’re riding a bike. The directions it gave were nice, direct, and on quiet roads.

    We rode by garage sales, neighbors working in their yards, and saw many others riding their bikes.

    We discovered more of Hillsboro. What did you discover today?

    Day 9 on the bike (though I didn’t ride to church; cargo short pants at the piano might have been “frowned upon”).

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      Groan all you want. Puns are fun. :-)
  • Banana!

    On the way to school, Jamison and his friend play Banana, shouting “banana” and hitting each other whenever they see a yellow vehicle. (Are school buses really yellow?) Banana replaces the rainy-weather game of Padiddle: hitting the ceiling of the car upon seeing a vehicle with a burnt-out headlight.

    Melissa is preparing to repaint her room and is looking for the perfect creamy yellow. Some of the walls at work are painted a color that might fit the bill, but they look like many different shades of yellow, depending on the light. For that matter, I’m not convinced they are a single shade of yellow. Regardless, my camera can’t seem to accurately transfer it to bits, even with a custom white balance.

    Color swatches to the rescue!1And possibly the willingness to paint more than once…

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      And possibly the willingness to paint more than once…
  • Crazy Hair Day

    Crazy Hair Day

    Spirit Week started last Monday with Crazy Hair day. It’s amazing what Jamison can do with white glue and colored hair paint.

    This should be the last of Spirit Week photos; it was trapped on another camera.

  • True Colors

    True Colors

    It’s the last day of Spirit Week at school. Jamison rocks the blue and white.

    Go Falcons!

  • Honestly?


    Spirit Week provided Jamison yet another opportunity to dress up. Jamison took advantage of “Era Day” to be Abraham Lincoln.1Though maybe, he’s pulled off an Amish look, instead. Nah, the hats are different, not as tall.

    Jamison wore a top hat, as I would have expected. Yet, when searching for images of Abraham Lincoln,?we didn’t find any with a top hat. Hmm…

    I failed as a dad in not being able to tie a bow tie to complete the costume. Fortunately, (1) Jamison’s beard covers that gap, and (2) Jamison has a friend at school who can tie a bow tie.

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      Though maybe, he’s pulled off an Amish look, instead. Nah, the hats are different, not as tall.



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