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Jamison’s first day of school 2019

Jamison starts school again today. No longer do I get to be there to take the picture so I texted Jamison, asking if he’d take a selfie for me. This picture was the result.

Above and beyond! :-)


Longboarding the Banks to Vernonia trail

As a last hurrah of Jamison’s spring break, he invited me to longboard the Banks to Vernonia trail with him. It’s a nice, long, gentle ride. The weather was wonderful and the trail was dry. Jamison also took some videos with his phone.1

Thanks, Jamison for the invite! That’s my boy. :-)

  1. The tall, skinny pics are screen grabs from Jamison’s videos. Posted with his permission. ?

Jamison’s First Day of School 2018

This morning, our phones beeped and we discovered Jamison had sent us our traditional first day of school pictures. We’re so proud!

I wonder how many more years I’ll get to do this. Not too many more, I’d bet.


Jamison is blogging his adventure

Before Jamison left for Majuro, he set up a blog using his domain name. Now, he just posted for the first time from Majuro. Some really awesome pictures and some writing to go along with it. I’m a proud dad! :-)


Jamison’s first day of school 2017

Jamison’s first day of school this year is a different sort of first — he’s taking a year out of his engineering studies and teaching eighteen or so 6th graders in the Marshall Islands. This is a picture of Jamison in his classroom.1

I know Jamison will do well. Those of us left behind, I’m not so sure about.2 Thanks to Google’s Hangouts, we’ve already conferenced our distributed family.

Go get ’em, Jamison! We’re proud of you.

  1. Thanks to Jamison for providing this selfie and his permission to post it here. 
  2. I’m not talking just about Suzi. Here it is Wednesday, Mt. Tabor is calling my name, and I miss my longboarding buddy. 

Quick Banks Vernonia Trail Longboard Run

Jamison and I tried to get Longboard SpeedMeter going the last time we longboarded the Banks to Vernonia Trail, but it couldn’t get enough GPS satellites in view at Tophill.

This evening, I waited until the first gravel crossing before starting SpeedMeter and it worked — I think. It captured a top speed of 25.14 mph at the location I would have expected, but then recorded the run’s top speed as 9.73 mph. Oopie!

Regardless, I’m looking forward to trying my top-mount board on the trail and then at Mt. Tabor.


Jamison’s Summer Skate Session @ the Banks Vernonia Trail

As promised, here is Jamison’s video of our longboard ride last weekend.



Longboarding the Banks-Vernonia Trail

Jamison, Ethan,1 and I longboarded twice2 from Tophill down to Buxton3 on the Banks-Vernonia Trail. A fair number of bikes4 and pedestrians joined in the fun.

Jamison took a bunch of videos using his new Yi action cam5 and snapped some stills with it, too. I’m looking forward to his video edits. Stay tuned…


Update: Jamison’s video is live!

  1. Ethan is the master of riding fast and looking fast. One trick I learned is to wear an untucked and unbuttoned shirt. When it flaps in the breeze, you look fast. Being able to “match” a plaid shirt with plaid shorts is just bonus! ;-) 
  2. It takes a few trips between Buxton and Tophill to reposition the cars, longboards, and longboarders. 
  3. It’s 5 miles each time. That’s 10 miles on the longboard — a good day. :-) 
  4. One fat-tire bicyclist was so enamored by my steeze that he couldn’t avoid heading my direction. Fortunately, there was (barely) enough pavement left over to sneak by. 
  5. Not an ad, just a hopeful observer of the consumer. The price and specs seemed right. We’ll see. 

#goskateboardingday at Mt. Tabor

Do one thing every day that scares you.

Mary Schmich

Today, I succeeded.

Jamison and I took #goskateboardingday seriously and went to Mt. Tabor. It was my first downhill runs of the year, and just like last year, the first run was terrifying. Actually, that’s not quite true—preparing to go on the first run was petrifying, starting was a little less so, and by the time I was speeding down the hill, I was having fun. It only got better on the next runs.

We met up with nephew/cousin Ethan and made a new friend, Jeff, once again proving that longboarders are the nicest bunch you’ll meet on the hill.

I used the board I got for last year’s Fathers’ Day the whole time today.1 That way I can leave my double-drop set up for push and this one for downhill. It felt more comfortable than the last time I used this board. Now I wonder what the other board would feel like.

The strangest thing about downhilling: when I tense up, the board wants to go all skittery under me. When I relax, it calms down. I’m sure there’s a life lesson in there, somewhere… ;-)

What scary thing did you do today?


  1. Yeah, there are four boards in that picture. Jamison and I both brought our top mount downhill boards and our double-drop push boards, just in case. Only two boards left the car. 
family General

Jamison’s first day of school 2016

In the Logan family, we have a tradition: we take and post pictures on the first day of school.1 After high school graduation, this gets a little more difficult. Dropping Jamison off for jump start, Jamison reminded me that I had an upcoming business trip to Walla Walla that coincided with his first official day. Woot!

I’m looking forward to many more business trips. :-)

  1. We take the pictures on the first day of school. Sometimes, I even post the pictures that same day. This year, I didn’t. So I backdated the post.