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  • Camille Paglia interview

    A good interview of Camille Paglia. If only politicians were this candid.

  • Bush Talks With Conservative Journalists

    President Bush met with seven conservative journalists for an hour on Wednesday. Michael Barone of U.S. News and World Report is one of the journalists and offers an unabridged full-text transcript and audio of the entire meeting. Byron York, National Review White House correspondent, writes on Bush’s plan for measuring progress in the Iraq War:…

  • Bush 41 on Hugo Chavez

    “Oh, go ahead.” It doesn’t take much prodding for President George H.W. Bush to express his opinion of Hugo Chavez.

  • Fastest growing political party is “No Party”

    Roger L. Simon of Pajamas Media interviews Connecticut independent senatorial candidate Joseph Lieberman. Click below for a short preview of the interview. According to Lieberman, “The fastest growing political party in America is ‘no party.’” That’s not necessarily shocking if the percentage without party affiliation were relatively low — it wouldn’t take many voters to…

  • Jamison’s Three Favorite Things I ask my 7-year old son, Jamison, a few questions about his day…