15 years at Intel

Fifteen years ago,
I started an adventure.
Seems like yesterday.

—Brent Logan (2014)

Today is my fifteenth anniversary of starting at Intel.


A Geek’s Day

It’s a great day to be in tech, with Intel’s IDF keynote streaming on the laptop and Apple’s iPhone 6 and Apple Watch event in two windows on the larger monitor.


Agile and Lean Development Conference Resources 2014

This week I attended the annual Intel Agile and Lean Development Conference. This is the third time I have attended,1 and IMHO, it was the best by far. The conference was better arranged, having a basic day, an advanced day, and a day of keynotes with industry experts. For the first time, Intel invited members of the community.

Throughout the conference, I took a bunch of notes. These are some of the resources mentioned in the classes and keynotes I attended.

I record them here so I can find them later. Maybe they’ll be useful for you, too.


Charts and Graphics




Woo hoo!

Woo hoo! I’m now eligible for my second sabbatical! :-)


Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Thanks to a couple of free tickets from Intel’s GPTW,1 Jamison and I2 went to a Hillsboro Hops minor league baseball game tonight. Even though the Hops went through four pitchers and lost, we still had a blast.

The Hops played the Boise Hawks and I was looking forward to trash talking our friends there, had the Hops won. I guess pride goeth before a fall…

Now the rest of the family wants to go to another game. Works for me!

  1. Great Place To Work, and it is. :-) 
  2. And a bunch of other Intel families. 

Woo hoo! I finally replaced my flip phone

Woo hoo! I finally replaced my flip phone with a smart phone. Yeah, I know — I’m six years behind the times. Don’t burst my happy bubble. :-)


2012 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair Winner Jack Andraka

Wait, Did This 15-Year-Old From Maryland Just Change Cancer Treatment? A good story on the winner of the 2012 Intel1 International Science and Engineering Fair.

Btw, this is how to win an award. :-)

  1. Insert standard Intel employee disclaimer here

Shot in the Parking Lot

Fall leaves in Intel’s HF3 parking lot.


Mid-October Lunchtime Walk, Part II

Hillsboro is back to October weather: instead of yesterday’s blue skies and 73°, today is overcast and might reach 62°. In other words, it’s beautiful!

After all, “There’s no such thing as bad weather; just bad clothes.”1

So, like yesterday, I grabbed my camera and set out on a walk. I had hoped the soft light would yield better pictures than yesterday’s, but my cheap point and shoot camera didn’t know which leaf to keep in focus.2 Oh well. The colors are gorgeous.3

How is your October?

1Thanks, @MaryRarick!
2Or maybe, it’s the operator. Nah… ;-)
3A little vector magic and the focus doesn’t matter. ;-) Click the picture for colorful goodness.

Mid-October Lunchtime Walk

Shortly after noon, I looked up from my desk to see a balmy1 mid-October day inviting me to a lunchtime walk. Who was I to decline?

Grabbing my camera, I headed out for a clockwise 1.5 mile walk around Hawthorn Farm. I snapped pictures of fall leaves in between kicking and stomping the acorns scattered about.

Halfway around, I spied a great blue heron stalking. I paused to take a picture and saw it strike, coming up with a small creature in its bill. A mouse?

A one o’clock meeting placed a hard stop on my trek, so I hurried the remainder of the circuit.

Another beautiful day!2 :-)

1Upper 60’s. Not a cloud in the sky.
2Aren’t they all? :-)