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  • Proof of global warming on your clothes line

    Proof of global warming on your clothes line

    For proof of global warming, look no further than your clothes line. ;-)

  • Wouldn’t want to get stuck with a needle — again

    This evening, I went to drop off a car at the hospital where Suzi works so I wouldn’t have to wait up and get her after work. As we were standing in the ER waiting area, a man walked by with a couple of friends saying, “They’re going to hurt me. They’re going to stick […]

  • Sell the gun collection?

    I have three daughters. Clearly, a gun collection is an obvious need. At least it was, until forget-me-not panties. As “Dave’s” testimonial states: When my daughter hit puberty I nearly had a heart attack. She started looking like a woman and suddenly she was wearing revealing clothing and staying out late with her friends. Rather […]

  • Dear Shoeless in 18D

    Dear Blabby, I’ll be flying home tonight from a hard business trip in a crowded 737. I like to remove my shoes and wiggle my toes. It helps me relax. Is that okay? My feet don’t smell. People probably won’t notice, and if they do, the plane will be dark and crowded. They won’t know […]

  • HTTP in tha House

    HTTP in tha House reads a web page and creates a rap from it. Here’s what it created from HTTP in tha Houselyrics by: not a goodso mean p hoodcom technudge atitle permanent link to bouquetgo to the coalition forhttp blogan forea href http lucianne commarketing sucks a m of the imagea href […]

  • Darth Tater

    Darth Tater

    Who would have guessed?! My brother has an action figure.