Watermelon: Nature’s Viagra?

Men, you don’t need those embarrassing ED consults with your doctor. Now you can endure knowing looks in the grocery checkout aisle.

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Quote of the Day — President George W. Bush

Fiscal conservatism is one of my defining issues for the remaining months.

—President George W. Bush

The only rational reaction:


Garfield Minus Garfield

Garfield Minus GarfieldGarfield Minus Garfield. It’s possible the Garfield comic strip is better with Garfield gone, and by possible I mean most definitely.


Cut the Cheese

Oh, yeah. If I pull your finger, you’ll be cutting the cheese within seconds.” Reminds me of a certain claim made by my young son on a family trip. Good times. ;-)


Basic Instructions: How to Give a Gift

Just in time for the season, how to give someone a gift. Nothing but the best for you.


Frank Sends His Regards

Three small boys were in a Christmas play at school.

They represented the three wise men and they were to give their gifts to baby Jesus. The first boy stepped forward, held out the gift in his hands and said, “Gold.” The second boy stepped forward, held out his gift and said, “Myrrh.” The third boy stepped forward, held out his gift and said, “Frank sent this.”

Update: While searching the internet for proper attribution, I discover this is a joke is included in the book, A Wayne in a Manger. Alan in Belfast has more details.

Hat tip: Pastor Rodney

MLB*, Part II

Asterisks, shmasterisks. I’m not a sports fan who’s concerned with the record books. Actually, I’m not much of a sports fan…

If the asterisk is important to you, YF at Yanksfan vs Soxfan offers a more comprehensive list of notations. After all, factors other than steroid use can influence the records. Here’s a subset:

* = Steroids
! = Amphetamines
$ = Gambling
|| = Cocaine
~ = Alcohol
? = Before integration
# = Before expansion

Go read the entire [email protected]#$% list.

Hat tip: Treowth

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Q. Why did the chicken cross the road?
A. George W. Bush

Sometimes misread jokes can be as funny as the original.

The Mom Song

Count how many of these phrases you’ve heard (or said)…

Thanks, Suzi!

Whatever You Do…

Don’t click the pig.